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How Much Will Your Studio Save with Piano Express?

Studios that use Piano Express save both time and money while improving student retention and educational outcomes. Fill in the short form below to discover your savings as well as the estimated price to run the Express system in
your studio each month.

What can the Piano Express app and curriculum do for your studio?

  • App that assesses the students so teachers can spend their time TEACHING – not correcting mistakes day after day, week after week
  • Professionally designed and edited method that meets international testing standards
  • Greater job satisfaction when students progress more quickly to intermediate skill levels
  • Thorough training that will help teachers run a group piano program proficiently

What is included in the Piano Express curriculum?

Piano Express Includes

Piano Express method (six progressive levels)

Piano Express theory and ear training levels

Piano Express teacher’s guide and manual

Piano Express app

Piano Express group lesson training for teachers

Piano Express teacher reference library (20+ hours of indexed teacher training materials and growing!)

Students get 24/7 access to the at-home practice support tools

Personalized onboarding with the Piano Express team

Monthly teacher training meetings (for you and your staff!)

Continuous software updates

Continuous customer support from the growing Piano Express team

Private support community for your studio

How Can We Help You?

Piano Express was thoroughly tested for over 17 years before being released to the public. Piano Express was invented in 2005 as a summer camp program. In 2010, it was revamped into a year-round after-school program. Throughout the 2010s, the system was thoroughly tested in the home studio in Ashburn, VA. And, in the early 2020s, it was beta tested with dozens of studios in the United States. New studios are joining this revolutionary new system every week.

Unlike other programs, Piano Express is not designed to be an “add-on” to your studio. This program will be a very profitable and effective core educational experience for your students. And, Piano Express has the unique distinction of not only increasing your school’s revenue per hour... it will concurrently decrease your studio’s expenses (when you run the multi-room model). Check out our profitability calculator to see how much you can save your school.

Piano Express has the most extensive teacher training program of any group piano system that currently exists. This will not be a problem for your team.

Piano Express has the most extensive teacher training program of any group piano system that currently exists. This will not be a problem for you.

Many studios have implemented the system in less than a month.
We also note that almost everyone who books a call with us ends up wanting to use this system. This system was engineered to make your studio easier to run, more profitable, easier to schedule, and easier to get student results.

Piano Express is not expensive to get started or to use. It only costs $299 to get started. At no time do you have to “go into debt” to use this system! You can be profitable from day one!

Yes! Our app is built for either in-person or virtual group lessons.

No. Piano Express is not merely a tech “add-on” to your studio. It is a complete education system that has a technological component. Some studios that want to “try” the system usually join our community and then run a few classes within their current student body. This is a “low-risk” way to see Piano Express at work. Additionally, our sales team is happy to show you all aspects of the system (including our curriculum, teacher training, method books, and app) and even share those resources with you. We also demo the entire system on a regular basis in live webinars. Click here to contact sales.

The Piano Express runs on almost any device with a browser (with very few exceptions). We do have a recommended device list that contains our favorite tech solutions for all budgets (low and high). For a complete device recommendation list, contact us and someone from our team will be happy to share.

The main equipment you will need are digital pianos with MIDI outs and any tablet, phone, or computer that has a browser (except for iPads or iPhones). For a complete shopping list, contact us and someone from our team will be happy to share our full “shopping list” with you.

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