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How Piano Express Works (In Less Than 2 Minutes)

Piano Express

I know so many studio owners who wanted to implement group lessons…

But fear has held them back!

There are a lot of fears that owners have shared with me, but one of the big ones is concern over the quality of the lessons.

We created Piano Express with educational quality in mind…

But I have to admit, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the entire system and all of the tools that guarantee that outcome!

That’s why we spent a LOT of time thinking about how to best summarize the most flexible group system available in the world today.

A group system that we’ve seen measurably improve student practice times… studio wide!


We made this 102 second video to introduce you to the Piano Express group piano curriculum.

Click below to watch the video:


There are many benefits of using Piano Express in your studio:

  • Allows a studio to see 12 students per hour with just 1 teacher
  • Helps kids pass more music at home than in the studio
  • Develops a student’s playing and technique skills faster
  • Allows the teacher to spend more lesson time on musicality, technique, and teaching than “correcting rhythms and notes”
  • Reduces the amount of time an owner spends scouting, hiring, managing, and retaining teachers
  • Is more flexible than any other group lesson curriculum currently available
  • Works for both single-teacher and multi-teacher studios
  • Allows you to run a leveled program or a multi-level program (depending on your preferences or your studio’s scheduling needs)

If you’d like a consultation or free virtual demo of Piano Express… just click here to sign up for a free demo.

If you have questions, reach out to us on our contact form.