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The Future of Group Lessons

An education system built with studio owners in mind
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What Will The Piano Express Do For Your Studio?

Increase Job Satisfaction for Teachers

Teachers can get “burnt out” from correcting mistakes over and over again, student after student, lesson after lesson, year after year. The Piano Express uses technology to assist the teacher in correcting so they can spend their time doing what they love most – teaching music!

Increase Student Practice Time

Every studio that has used the Piano Express has reported significantly better practice times from their students. How do we know? The Piano Express app tracks practice time at the studio… and at home!

Increase Student Quality in Your Studio

The Piano Express method produces incredible students. The Piano Express app gamifies the learning experience for students… they want to get a high score! And, the curriculum has been designed to prepare students to meet the exam requirements of some of the most rigorous testing systems in the world (RCM, ABSRM, AMEB).

Decrease the Number of Teachers You Need to Hire and Manage

The Piano Express method and app leverage technology and teaching tools to allow a studio to see 120 students in 10 hours per week… with just one teacher! Studio owners that use the Piano Express don’t need to spend their lives searching for, hiring, training, managing, and trying to retain teachers.

Increase the Quality of Teaching in Your Studio

Studios that license the Piano Express system get access to one of the most comprehensive teacher training systems in the world. You and your staff will teach with incredible consistency and effectiveness after going through our teacher training system. These training materials are included when you use the Piano Express system in your studio.

Decrease Scheduling Headaches in Your Studio

The Piano Express curriculum was written intentionally to decrease scheduling headaches. It’s the first group piano method in the world to be written to intentionally avoid accumulation. This means students can enter an existing class at ANY time. No other group method or curriculum does this!

How much time and money can Piano Express save your studio?

Use our handy-dandy profitability calculator to see how much time and money you will save by using the Piano Express curriculum!

What Others Are Saying About Piano Express!

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“It’s been a win/win for my studio. We’re getting more kids in the door during prime after-school lesson times, and the quality of instruction is very high.”

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“I appreciate how the app and curriculum allow me to teach online group classes. The app provides immediate feedback to students which encourages progress!”

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“We love using the curriculum and it has completely changed our business for the better.”